Monitoring system

High Quality Circuit Protection Chip

Apply to high performance analog semiconductor chip. Not only support 9 types of protection, but improve charge and discharge efficiency

  • Multi-level temperature protection

  • PTC fuse protection

  • Watch Dog Timer Protection

  • Over Voltage protection

  • Flexible charge/discharge protection level setup

  • Output Over Current protection

  • Under Voltage protection

  • Software and hardware protection architecture

  • Input over current protection

Battery Monitor Unit

Battery Monitor Unit
  • Each BMU supports 10 serial cell monitor Capable to stack up to 200 serial cell monitor

  • Build in SOC, SOH algorithm and support Could application

  • Can expand non-dissipated active balance up to 2A

  • 3 Dimension Temperature simulation

  • Support Modbus,CANBUS protocol

  • Build in passive balance circuit

  • Compatible with relay component or our BSU

  • Build in general purpose input and output port,can be set by yourself

  • Low power consumption at operation mode

Battery Switch Unit

Modularize Main powertrain control board

  • 200A maximum detect current

  • Continue discharging current 150A

  • Maximum 1000V standing voltage

  • Protection power rate <5000W

  • Response speed <300ms

  • Very low power consumption <10uA

Battery Switch Unit